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Table 3 Acquired antibiotic resistance genes of strain ECCRA-119

From: Characterization of an NDM-5 carbapenemase-producing Escherichia coli ST156 isolate from a poultry farm in Zhejiang, China

Resistance gene Location Position in contig Phenotype
aph(4)-Ia chromosome 74,566..75,591 Aminoglycoside resistance
aac(3)-IVa chromosome 75,812..76,596 Aminoglycoside resistance
aadA2 chromosome 77,467..78,055 Aminoglycoside resistance
aph(3′)-Ia chromosome 80,259..81,074 Aminoglycoside resistance
bla CTX-M-65 chromosome 84,756..85,631 Beta-lactam resistance
fosA3 chromosome 55,199..55,615 Fosfomycin resistance
mdf(A) chromosome 3,166,104..3,167,336 MLS resistance
floR chromosome 65,187..66,400 Phenicol resistance
sul2 chromosome 68,904..69,719 Sulphonamide resistance
tet(B) chromosome 4,226,971..4,228,176 Tetracycline resistance
dfrA12 chromosome 78,463..78,960 Trimethoprim resistance
aadA2 pTB201 8,213..9,004 Aminoglycoside resistance
mph(A) pTB201 145,592..146,268 Macrolide resistance
sul1 pTB201 6,859..7,708 Sulphonamide resistance
dfrA12 pTB201 9,412..9,909 Trimethoprim resistance
aadA2 pTB202 66,374..67,135 Aminoglycoside resistance
bla TEM-1B pTB202 73,633..74,493 Beta-lactam resistance
mph(A) pTB202 78,775..79,680 Macrolide resistance
sul1 pTB202 67,670..68,509 Sulphonamide resistance
tet(A) pTB202 60,435..61,634 Tetracycline resistance
dfrA12 pTB202 65,469..65,966 Trimethoprim resistance
bla NDM-5 pTB203 7,921..8,733 Beta-lactam resistance