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Fig. 1

From: Lactobacillus mucosae DPC 6426 as a bile-modifying and immunomodulatory microbe

Fig. 1

Lactobacillus mucosae DPC 6426 Macrophage Polarization. Transcription of M1-related markers (a) TNF-α and iNOS, M2-related markers (b) CD206 and IL-10, as well as (c) IL-6 following 24 h exposure to either the secretome of Lactobacillus mucosae DPC 6426 (SEC) or 10 mg/mL of isolated EPS. Results for the same markers are also displayed for polarised macrophages. In a separate series of experiments, macrophages were stimulated with EPS for 24 h with or without additional LPS stimulation after which NO (d) and IL-10 (e) production was measured. In the same cells, viability was measured using an XTT assay (f). All experiments were conducted three times with duplicate samples. Data are shown as average ± SD, and were analysed by one-way ANOVA. Differences were considered statistically significant when p < 0.05 (*), p < 0.01 (**) or p < 0.001 (***)

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