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Fig. 1

From: Single stranded (ss)RNA-mediated antiviral response against infectious laryngotracheitis virus infection

Fig. 1

In ovo treated resiquimod increases macrophage recruitment in tissues of respiratory and gastrointestinal systems. SPF eggs were treated in ovo with resiquimod (n = 5) or PBS (n = 4) at ED18 and the eggs were incubated until hatch. At day 1 post-hatch, trachea, lungs, duodenum and large intestine were preserved in OCT, sectioned and immunofluorescent assay was performed with mouse monoclonal antibody specific for chicken macrophages, KUL01 (red signals) and with DAPI (blue signals) for nuclear staining. The quantitative data and representative immunofluorescent figures from each organ is shown, a lungs, b tracheas, c duodenum and d large intestine. Student’s t-test was performed to identify group differences and the differences were considered significant at P < 0.05

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