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Fig. 3

From: Evaluating the profound effect of gut microbiome on host appetite in pigs

Fig. 3

Porcine average daily feed intake (ADFI)-associated OTUs identified in this study and its interaction network. a The 34 ADFI-associated OTUs identified by two-part model (FDR < 0.05) are shown as Z scores. Blue bars show the negative associations and orange bars indicate the positive associations. b The top informative OTUs related to the ADFI detected by randomForest analysis. c Co-abundance network analysis of the ADFI-associated OTUs reveals the significant interactions. The orange nodes correspond to the OTUs showing the positive association with the ADFI, and the blue nodes represent the OTUs negatively associated with the ADFI. Edge color indicates positive (orange) and negative (blue) correlations. The size of nodes represents the degree of connectivity

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