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Table 2 Composition of the annotated high impact SNVs in the persistent groups A (Table A) and B (Table B) in Listeria monocytogenes strains isolated from an industrial slaughterhouse over four weeks with their position and the altered nucleotide according to the references of the respective persistent groups

From: Genomic characterization of Listeria monocytogenes isolates reveals that their persistence in a pig slaughterhouse is linked to the presence of benzalkonium chloride resistance genes

SNVs REF-ALTa Position Protein inference
 H28 A-T 2,365,617 holin
 H2 C-A 2,366,926 protein gp20
 H6 A-C 2,370,180 Protein gp17
 H11 G-T 2,371,838 putative tape-measure
 H12 G-T 2,376,360 Protein gp15
 H13 A-T 2,378,030 Portein gp11
 H7 G-C 2,383,240 putative portal protein
 H8 G-C 2,387,299 Protein gp66
 H23 T-C 2,396,331 Protein gp43
 H14 C-A 1,134,999 Cadmium resistance protein
 H20 T-A 2,268,215 putative peptidoglycan bound protein
(LPXTG motif)
 H3 G-A 2,397,250 Hypothetical protein
 H21 G-A 2,398,304 Hypothetical protein
 H4 C-A 2,399,019 Hypothetical protein
 H22 T-A 2,435,024 Hypothetical protein
 H24 T-C 2,725,852 Hypothetical protein
 H29 C-T 2,806,268 Hypothetical protein
 H30 C-T 2,862,889 Hypothetical protein
 H25 A-G 2,928,670 Hypothetical protein
 H9 G-C 2,388,916 Hypothetical protein
 H5 T-C 2,389,387 Hypothetical protein
 H19 G-A 1,062,031 Hypothetical protein
 H26 G-T 1,106,182 Hypothetical protein
 H27 G-T 1,683,477 Hypothetical protein
 H15 A-T 2,363,489 Hypothetical protein
 H1 T-C 13,003,993 DUF3310 domain-containingprotein
 H2 G-T 1,307,219 Phage tail measure protein
 H6 T-A 1,314,894 Phage tail tape measure protein
 H23 T-C 1,300,393 VRR-NUC domain-containing protein
 H11 A-T 2,467,036 Phage antirepressor Ant
 H12 C-G 2,473,719 recombinase family protein
 H15 G-A 1,323,444 DUF3800 domain-containing protein
 H16 T-A 447,408 Polysaccharide deacetylase
 H17 T-A 463,360 Internalin A
 H18 T-A 465,225 Internalin
 H19 C-A 2,932,396 6-phospho-beta-glucosidase
 H21 T-A 1,146,752 dTDP-4-dehydrorhamnose reductase
 H22 T-A 2,347,583 Oligoendopeptidase F
 H26 G-T 431,637 alpha-mannosidase
 H27 G-T 972,616 GntR family transcriptional regulator
 H8 T-G 2,432,776 Competence protein Comk
 H13 G-T 1,307,219 Peptidase
 H5 G-A 2,465,545 Hypothetical protein
 H9 G-T 2,445,638 Hypothetical protein
 H20 G-A 2,940,879 Hypothetical protein
 H24 A-C 2,458,383 Hypothetical protein
 H25 A-G 79,636 Hypothetical protein
 H28 A-T 1,430,257 Hypothetical protein
 H29 A-T 444,637 Hypothetical protein
 H10 G-T 2,461,077 hypothetical protein
 H14 G-T 2,445,638 Hypothetical protein
  1. aREF-ALT Reference-Alteration: Definition of the nucleotides present in the reference genome and their substitution after the mutation in the genomes of this study