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Table 1 Main genomic features of the APEC strain E. coli ST117

From: Putrescine biosynthesis and export genes are essential for normal growth of avian pathogenic Escherichia coli

Genome size 5,028,456 bp    
Number of coding sequences 4840    
Number of contigs (with PEGs) 135    
GC % 50.4%    
R-genes (genotype) V-genes (genotype) Replicons MLST-type Serotype
aadA1 (aminoglycoside)
sul1 (sulphonamide)
iroN, sitA, feoB,ireA,irp-2, iucD,vjj, ipfA (siderophore)
tsh (serin protease autotransporter)
iss (increased serum survival)
hlyF (haemolysin) fimH, fliH, csgA,papA, papC and papEF (flagellar proteins)
fliC, ompT, PAI (cft073) (miscellaneous structures)
pstB (acid shock) vac, vat, astA (toxin-associated)
fyuA, gimB, malI, etsA, etsB (PAI-associated)
upaG, uvrY (UPEC genes associated)
frz (oxygen-restricted)
ST117 O83:H4