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Table 3 Time (in hours) required to determine susceptibility of susceptible Burkholderia strains by optical screening and summary of categorical agreement for AST results by optical screening and conventional BMD results for all strains

From: Rapid antimicrobial susceptibility testing and β-lactam-induced cell morphology changes of Gram-negative biological threat pathogens by optical screening

  1. For susceptible Burkholderia strains, the time (in hours) required to determine susceptibility by optical screening is described with a confidence level of 95% (p-value ≤0.05). The categorical agreement for susceptibility to IPM, DOX, CAZ, SXT, and AMC is summarized. Concentrations in blue are equal to the CLSI breakpoint for susceptibility. Strains were grown over a 12 h period and time measurements represent the mean ± standard deviation of duplicate biological experiments (n = 3). The time required to predict susceptibility to CAZ and AMC was indicated as undetermined (UNDETM) due to antimicrobial-induced filamentation. The number of (S) susceptible and (R) resistant strains, the percentage of categorical agreement and the percentage of error are displayed. Bp1651 and JB039 were the resistant strains evaluated