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Table 1 Primer pairs flanking capsular genes of P. multocida and virulence associated genes of M. haemolytica used in the current study

From: Molecular characterization of Mannheimia haemolytica isolates associated with pneumonic cases of sheep in selected areas of Central Ethiopia

Gene locus Primer sequence (5′- 3′) Size (bp) Reference
CapA Forward 5’-TGCCAAAATCGCAGTCAG- 3’ 1044 [32]
PHSSA Forward 5′ -TTC ACA TCT TCA TCC TC-3’ 325 [31]
Reverse 5′ TTT TCA TCC TCT TCG TC-3’
Rpt2 Forward 5′ - GTT TGT AAG ATA TCC CAT TT- 3’ 1022 [31]
Reverse 5′- CGT TTT CCA CTT GCG TGA − 3’