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Table 2 Characteristics of the best blocking oligonucleotides complementing the primer pair nu-SSU-1333-5′/nu-SSU-1647-3′ (FF390/FR-1)

From: A comprehensive fungi-specific 18S rRNA gene sequence primer toolkit suited for diverse research issues and sequencing platforms

TargetSequenceComPrim#ntTm (°C)Fungi (%)Alv. (%)Rhiz. (%)Stram. (%)Tel. (%)
  1. Fungal and non-fungal eukaryotic sequence coverage rate tested by in silico analysis
  2. ComPrim Sequence complement to the indicated primer
  3. #nt Number of identical nt’s shared by primer and blocking oligo sequence
  4. Tm Annealing temperature
  5. %Fungi Coverage rate for fungal sequences
  6. %Alv. Coverage rate for Alveolata sequences
  7. %Rhiz. Coverage rate for Rhizaria sequences
  8. %Stram. Coverage rate for Stramenopiles sequences
  9. %Tel. Coverage rate for Telonema sequences