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Table 1 PL genes in the C. rosea genome with assigned protein IDs, gene name, PL families, additional domains and subfamily identification, known activity based on Cazy database, list of crystal structures related to the PL families and organisms for which 3D structures are available in the PDB database

From: Evolution and functional characterization of pectate lyase PEL12, a member of a highly expanded Clonostachys rosea polysaccharide lyase 1 family

C. rosea protein ID Gene name CAZy module(s) and subfamilies Known Activities PDB/3D structure accession nr. 3D structure status Organism with known 3D structure
PL1 genes identified in C. rosea
BN869_T00011408 pel1 PL1 pectate lyase (EC; exo-pectate lyase (EC; pectin lyase (EC 1IDJ[A,B] 1IDK[A] 1QCX[A] 1PXZ[A,B] parallel β-helix Aspergillus niger, Juniperus ashei
BN869_T00008859 pel2
BN869_T00000002 pel3 CE8-PL1
BN869_T00000920 pel4 PL1_2
BN869_T00008472 pel5 PL1_4
BN869_T00010915 pel6
BN869_T00006080 pel7
BN869_T00010737 pel8
BN869_T00008735 pel9
BN869_T00007710 pel10 PL1_4-CBM1
BN869_T00005779 pel11
BN869_T00006915 pel12 PL1_7
BN869_T00007653 pel13
BN869_T00008627 pel14
BN869_T00002081 pel15
BN869_T00010228 pel16
BN869_T00007566 pel17 CBM1-PL1_9     
Other PL gene families and PL subfamilies identified in C. rosea
BN869_T00011160   PL20 endo-β-1,4-glucuronan lyase A (GlA) (EC 2ZZJ[A] putative beta-jelly roll fold Trichoderma reesei NBRC 31329
BN869_T00008392   PL3_2 pectate lyase (EC 1EE6[A] 3B4N[A,B] 3B8Y[A,B] 3B90[A,B] parallel β-helix Bacillus sp. KSM-P15, Dickeya dadantii 3937
BN869_T00002494   PL4_1 rhamnogalacturonan lyase (EC 1NKG[A] 2XHN[A,B] 3NJV[A] 3NJX[A] β-sandwich and β-sheet Aspergillus aculeatus KSM 510
BN869_T00009470   PL4_3
BN869_T00000818   PL9_3 pectate lyase (EC; exopolygalacturonate lyase (EC; thiopeptidoglycan lyase (EC 4.2.2.-) 1RU4[A] parallel β-helix Dickeya dadantii 3937
  1. List of polysaccharide lyase (PL) genes in the C. rosea genome