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Table 2 Top 5 of the Lopburi02 viral proteins analysed by LC-MS/MS and Mascot program

From: Mass spectrometry-based identification and whole-genome characterisation of the first pteropine orthoreovirus isolated from monkey faeces in Thailand

No. Protein accession no. Description Organisms
1 gi|459014590 Major outer capsid (M2) Melaka orthoreovirus
2 gi|38194450 Non-structural protein sigma NS (S3) Pulau reovirus
3 gi|355477204 Sigma 2 (S4) Orthoreovirus Sikamat/MYS
4 gi|38194452 Major outer capsid protein sigma 2 (S4) Pulau reovirus
5 gi|459014574 Inner core shell (L3) Melaka orthoreovirus