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Fig. 2

From: Estimating bacteria diversity in different organs of nine species of mosquito by next generation sequencing

Fig. 2

Principal Coordinates Analysis (PCoA) plots of samples colored according to different organs. a Mosquitoes reproductive organs from females (♀) and males (♂). b Salivary glands from female mosquito species. c Mosquito guts from females (♀) and males (♂). d Merge figure from panel a, b and c. GA G3: An. gambiae G3; COL: An. coluzzii; QUAD: An. quadriannulatus; GA KIS: An. gambiae Kisumu; ARA: An. arabiensis; MER: An. merus; STEP: An. stephensi; ALB: Ae. albopictus; AEG: Ae. aegypti; QUINQ: Cx. quinquefasciatus

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