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Fig. 3

From: Web of microbes (WoM): a curated microbial exometabolomics database for linking chemistry and microbes

Fig. 3

WoM The Web: Microcoleus vaginatus and six heterotrophic biocrust isolates in M. vaginatus extract. M. Vaginatus extract supplemented BG11 minimal medium was analyzed for metabolite composition before and after mono-culture of M. vaginatus, Bosea sp. Strain L1B56, Methylobacterium sp. Strain D1B20, Modestobacter sp. Strain L1B44, Arthrobacter sp. Strain D1B45, Bacillus sp. 1 Strain L2B47 and Bacillus sp. 2 Strain D1B51 [18]. The metabolite composition of the control medium is represented by the solid tan circles. Hollow circles are metabolites that were only identified after microbial transformation (indicating production/release by at least one of the organisms and not initially present in the control medium). Connecting lines indicate an increase (red) or decrease (blue) in the metabolite level in the spent medium compared to the control. Metabolite names are displayed using a toggle button on the website

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