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Table 4 Association between different risk factors and CLAD (univariate and multivariate analysis)

From: Impact of gram negative bacteria airway recolonization on the occurrence of chronic lung allograft dysfunction after lung transplantation in a population of cystic fibrosis patients

  OR (univariate) P value OR (multivariate) P value
Acute rejection 1.65 0.71 1.21 0.83
Post-LT CMV replication 0.52 1 0.51 0.61
Post-LT filamentous fungi colonization 1.73 0.70 1.27 0.78
GNB de-novo colonization 11.11 0.018* 6.72 0.04*
  1. Definition of abbreviations: LT Lung Transplant, CMV Cytomegalovirus, GNB Gram negative Bacteria, OR Odd Ratio, *: p<0.05