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Table 1 Yield of colonies obtained in representative transmating experiments with each acceptor strain

From: Transmating: conjugative transfer of a new broad host range expression vector to various Bacillus species using a single protocol

Species number of colonies with typical morphology
B. subtilis >  5000 *
P. polymyxa 1750
B. vallismortis 849
B. pumilus 655
B. mojavensis 574
B. sonorensis 178
B. licheniformis 37
B. mycoides n. q. **
B. pseudomycoides n. q. **
B. oleronius 0
B. megaterium 0
  1. Only colonies with the typical morphology of the respective acceptor strain were counted. On selection plates with polymyxin B concentrations ≤10 μg/ml, additional growth of E. coli was observed. *: for B. subtilis, several thousand distinct colonies and partially confluent growth were observed. **: for B. mycoides and B. pseudomycoides, the exact number of colonies could not be quantified (n.q.), due to confluent growth of large, mycelium-like colonies (diameter > 10 mm)