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Fig. 1

From: Using NanoSIMS coupled with microfluidics to visualize the early stages of coral infection by Vibrio coralliilyticus

Fig. 1

Live imaging of coral infection dynamics. Pocillopora damicornis fragments were placed in the Coral-on-a-Chip microfluidics system. One fragment was designated a control and was supplied with filtered seawater. The other three were inoculated with a modified V. coralliilyticus strain (YB2) for 2 h. Here we show: a-d the initial health of the four fragments before inoculation; e-h the state of fragment 1 h into the inoculation period and; i-l the state of the fragment at fixation. Corals were fixed (from top) at: 22 h (control), 2.5, 6, and 22 h post-inoculation. Fluorescence was captured in three channels: green fluorescent protein (Ex: 490 nm, Em: 535 ± 50 nm), chlorophyll (Ex: 490 nm, Em: 660 ± 50 nm), and DsRed (Ex: 555 ± 20 nm, Em: 590 ± 33 nm). See text for detailed explanation of the symptoms caused by disease

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