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Table 1 Summary of top 20 genes with expression upregulated in wild type strain 110.58 by exposure to ORF 2 ligand peptide FPPQSV

From: Foreign peptide triggers boost in pneumococcal metabolism and growth

Gene number Gene name Function Ratioa q
SpnNT_02141   tRNA-Phe infiniteb 0.03
SpnNT_02309   tRNA-Asn infiniteb 0.03
SpnNT_01742 afr 1,5-anhydro-D-fructose reductase 20.2 0.001
SpnNT_01743 nanB Sialidase 11.9 0.001
SpnNT_01746 yesO_2 Putative ABC transporter for carbohydrate 10.1 0.001
SpnNT_01745 ycjO Putative ABC transporter for carbohydrate 7.5 0.001
SpnNT_01744 ycjP Putative ABC transporter for carbohydrate 7.5 0.001
SpnNT_00088 sorB_1 Sorbose-specific phosphotransferase enzyme IIB component 6.6 0.04
SpnNT_01738 yesO_1 Putative ABC transporter for carbohydrate 6.3 0.001
SpnNT_01747 tabA Toxin-antitoxin biofilm protein TabA 6.2 0.001
SpnNT_01751 nanA_3 Sialidase 5.3 0.001
SpnNT_01537   CsbD-like protein, general stress response protein 4.6 0.001
SpnNT_01944   tRNA-Leu 4.5 0.005
SpnNT_00467 grpE HSP-70 cofactor, heat shock protein 4.4 0.001
SpnNT_01021 pyrP Uracil transporter 4.2 0.001
SpnNT_00091 manX_1 EIIAB-Man, carbohydrate transport 4.1 0.001
SpnNT_00092 agaS Putative tagatose-6-phosphate ketose/aldose isomerase 4.1 0.001
SpnNT_00089 agaC_1 PTS system N-acetylgalactosamine-specific EIIC component 1 4.1 0.001
SpnNT_02080 adhE Aldehyde-alcohol dehydrogenase 4.1 0.001
SpnNT_01032 pyrR Pyrimidine operon attenuation protein/uracil phosphoribosyltransferase 3.8 0.001
  1. Genes names in bold indicate an association with carbohydrate metabolism or uptake. For the complete dataset for the wild type and ΔORF 2 mutant see Additional files 2: Table S1, Additional file 3: Table S2, Additional file 4: Table S3, Additional file 5: Table S4
  2. aRatio represents the fold increase in the expression of genes in the presence of peptide FPPQSV compared to in its absence
  3. bExpression in the absence of peptide was 0 so fold increase in the presence of peptide could not be calculated