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Table 4 Isolation frequency and host distribution of Y. pestis isolates in this study

From: Molecular epidemiological investigations of plague in Eastern Province of Zambia

Host Species No. of Y. pestis DNA extracts District
Host Rodent Mastomys natalensis 5 Nyimba
Mastomys natalensis 5 Sinda
Gerbillurus spp 3 Sinda
Rattus rattus 1 Nyimba
Crocidura spp 1 Nyimba
Saccostomus spp 1 Sinda
Human Homo sapiens 3 Nyimba
Vector Fleas from Goat Ctenocephalides canis 5 Nyimba
Fleas from Pigs Echidnophaga gallinacea 4 Nyimba
Fleas from Rodents Xenopsylla cheopis 3 Nyimba
   Total 31