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Table 2 Gene products involved in transformation and pilus biogenesis that were differentially abundant in the Nm ΔdprA mutant compared to the wildtype when identified by mass spectrometry

From: Comparative proteomic analysis of Neisseria meningitidis wildtype and dprA null mutant strains links DNA processing to pilus biogenesis

Genes Protein name Protein fold change
pilG a Pilus assembly protein PilG -50.33
pilT-2 a Twitching motility protein PilT -14.24
pilT-1 a Twitching motility protein PilT -11.75
pilM a PilM protein -6.24
NMB0051 (pilU) Twitching motility protein -3.24
pilF Type IV pilus assembly protein -2.88
pilO PilO protein -2.57
pilN PilN protein -1.08
NMB0889 (pilX) pilus assembly protein -1.05
NMB0888 (pilW) Putative type IV pilus assembly protein +1.07
pilP PilP protein +1.39
pilQ Type IV pilus biogenesis and competence protein PilQ +1.50
NMB1309 Putative fimbrial biogenesis and twitching motility protein +1.54
pilE Fimbrial +1.61
  1. aSignificantly downregulated proteins in the ΔdprA mutant. The minus sign of the protein fold change indicates the downregulated whereas the positive sign upregulated proteins