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Table 3 Clumping of donor isolates by supernatant of recipient isolates

From: Interspecies transfer of vancomycin, erythromycin and tetracycline resistance among Enterococcus species recovered from agrarian sources

  MW01105 ST01109 MW02043
Donor Isolates
 MF06035 + + ND
 MF06036 + + ND
 MW01038 + ND +
 MW02102 + ND ND
 MW03020 + + +
 MW03025 + + +
 MW03051 + ND +
 ST02011 ND + ND
 MF06019 + + +
 MF04010 + + +
 MF06030 + + +
 MW03061 ND + ND
  1. Positive clumping phenotypes presented when supernatant was added to potential donor isolates (Lab identifier numbers). MW01105, MW02043 and ST01109 induce clumping and therefore do not react to supernatants. MW01105 induces clumping in 9 isolates; ST01109 induces clumping in 8 isolates; and ST01109 induces clumping in 7 isolates. Donor isolates such as MW03025 and MF04010 can be induced to clump by all three supernatants. Other Donors such as ST02011 can only be induced to clump by one supernatant (ST01109). ND none detected