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Fig. 6

From: Bacteriophage tailspike protein based assay to monitor phase variable glucosylations in Salmonella O-antigens

Fig. 6

Comparison of 9NATSP and P22TSP O-antigen binding sites. The O6 of galactose pointing to the protein surface is shown in magenta (see arrow), a putative glucose binding groove in cyan. Right: Crystal structure of P22TSP with 2RU oligosaccharide (pdb: 1tyx) [26]. Left: Crystal structure of 9NATSP (pdb: 3riq) [16]. The 2RU oligosaccharide was positioned in the binding site after 3D alignment with P22TSP (rmsd 2.54 Å) using the CEALIGN algorithm implemented in PyMOL [43]

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