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Table 1 Characteristics of H. pylori strains and encoded CagA proteins used in this study

From: Systematic analysis of phosphotyrosine antibodies recognizing single phosphorylated EPIYA-motifs in CagA of East Asian-type Helicobacter pylori strains

H. pylori strain Origin Pathology CagA EPIYA-type Protein sequence Reference
Ind69 Indonesia Gastric ulcer ABD LC007101 [97]
FD453 Malaysia Functional dyspepsia ABD This study [36]
Mand38 Myanmar Gastritis (Antral predominant mild gastritis) ABD LC007102 This study
CH7 China Pre-cancer surveillance study ABD This study This study
TN2-GF4 Japan Gastric ulcer ABD LC007103 [98]
2002-14 Mexico Dyspepsia ABD JN390453 [99]
Shi470 Peruvian Amazon Not evaluated directly (Non-atrophic gastritis assumed) ABD YP_001910294.1 [100]