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Fig. 3

From: Biochemical and spectroscopic characterization of purified Latex Clearing Protein (Lcp) from newly isolated rubber degrading Rhodococcus rhodochrous strain RPK1 reveals novel properties of Lcp

Fig. 3

Assays for oxidative polyisoprene cleavage. (a) Oxygen consumption assay: 4 μg of the indicated enzyme (control without enzyme) was added after 3.75 min (arrow) and oxygen saturation was recorded. Activities were calculated from the slopes of the graphs during the first minutes. The mixtures were extracted with ethylacetate after 90 min of incubation at 23 °C and the formed cleavage products were analysed by HPLC (b). ODTD was the main cleavage product of RoxAXsp but was present only in trace amounts in LcpRr and LcpK30 preparations. The graph for LcpRr is given in its inverse orientation. Assays with each enzyme were performed at least three times; one typical dataset is shown

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