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Table 1 Lists of bacterial strains and plasmids used in this study

From: The GAS PefCD exporter is a MDR system that confers resistance to heme and structurally diverse compounds

Strain name Characteristics References
S. pyogenes
 NZ131 M49 serotype isolated from acute post-glomerulonephritis infection [57]
 ZE4951 NZ131 derivative with pefC::pMZ1 mutation This study
 ZE4951/pANKITA5b ZEM4951 strain complemented with pefRCD locus expressed from plasmid pANKITA5b This study
 ZE4951/pKSM201 ZEM4951 strain harboring the pKSM201 vector This study
E. coli
 DH5α hsdR17 ecA gyrA endA1 relA1 [58]
 pMZ1 pUC-Spec derivative containing pefC internal fragment and the spec resistance gene aad9 This study
 pKSM201 Shuttle vector containing the kanamycin resistance gene aphA3 [56]
 pANKITA5b pKSM201 derivative carrying the pefRCD genes This study