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Table 3 Types of shoreline microbial communities observed in the studied lakes

From: The role of environmental factors for the composition of microbial communities of saline lakes in the Novosibirsk region (Russia)

Community type Description Environmental parameters Location Dominant species
Algae-cyano bacterial Abundant loose dark green or yellow-greenish communities with high numbers of Artemia sp. Shoreline. Salinity of 150–230 g L−1, рН 7.9-8.1 Lakes Gorkoye (41) and Solenoye (48) Aphanocapsa sp., diatom algae
Algae-bacterial 1 Continuous or separate green patches Littoral organic rich zone fertilized by cattle; large or small mat size Lakes Dolgoye (44) and Razboynoye (46) Filamentous green algae
Algae-bacterial 2 Thin easily desintegrating green layers Littoral water-free zone, under a sand layer Lake Krugloye (45) Green multicellular and colonial algae
Cyano bacterial Felted green filamenous formations Littoral water-free zone, under layers of sand and salt Lakes Dolgoye (44), Krugloye, (45), and Khorosheye (47) Scytonema sp. filamentous cyanobacterium
Bacterial Rosy-crimson water Purple bacteria in little pools rich in biogenic elements under a layer of green algae Lake Dolgoye (44) Thiocapsa sp. purple bacterium