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Table 1 Identification of fibronectin-associated proteins by MALDI-TOF analyses (**p value = 0,05 and Protein Significance Score = 71)

From: Flagellin and GroEL mediates in vitro binding of an atypical enteropathogenic Escherichia coli to cellular fibronectin

Protein Accession Average Mass (kDa) aAAs E-values
flagellin (Escherichia coli O26:H11 str.11368) gi|260855903 50.9 484 2.51E-43
GroEL (Escherichia coli) gi|18028158 52.0 277 1.26E-22
lysine-tRNA ligase (Escherichia coli) gi|486212064 57.7 337 1.26E-28
protein S1 gi|223404 61.1 158 9.98E-11
  1. aAvailability of aminoacids
  2. **Protein score is -10*Log(P), where P is the probability that the observed match is a random event. Protein scores greater than 62 are significant (p<0.05). Protein scores are derived from ions scores as a non-probabilistic basis for ranking protein hits