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Table 3 Mean values of FHB incidence (DI), disease severity (DS) and FHB index at Zadoks growth stage GS 73 and GS 87 in the different treatments (Ctr, Chem, Bio-1, Bio-2)

From: Microbial inoculants for the biocontrol of Fusarium spp. in durum wheat

Treatment* GS 73 GS 87
DI (%) DS (%) FHB index DI (%) DS (%) FHB index
Ctr 30.0a 9.2ab 2.8b 51.4b 17.5b 9.1c
Chem 18.0a 3.3a 0.5a 30.5a 5.5a 1.6a
Bio-1 23.0a 7.2ab 1.6b 36.0a 13.0ab 4.6ab
Bio-2 29.0a 11.5b 3.5b 54.0b 17.4b 9.0bc
  1. *Within columns, means followed by different letters differ significantly (Tukey’s test, P ≤ 0.05)