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Table 4 Strains and plasmids used in this study

From: Mutations in the bacterial cell division protein FtsZ highlight the role of GTP binding and longitudinal subunit interactions in assembly and function

Strain Genotype Reference/Source
MG1655 (PL2036) F- lambda-ilvG-rfb-50 rph-1  
DRC14 MC4100 ftsZ84(ts) leu::Tn10 John Beckwith
ftsZ84 (PL2452) MG1655, leu82::Tn10 ftsZ84(ts)  
ftsZ84*F39L (HA209) MG1655, leu82::Tn10 ftsZ84 *F39L This study
ftsZ84 *M206I (HA211) MG1655, leu82::Tn10 ftsZ84 *M206I This study
ftsZ84 *V293I (HA213) MG1655, leu82::Tn10 ftsZ84 *V293I This study
HA223 MG1655, leu82::Tn10 ftsZ84(ts), pBAD-ftsW This study
zapA (HA235) MG1655, zapA::kan This study
ftsZ84, zapA (HA241) ftsZ84, zapA::kan This study
ftsZ84*F39L, zapA (HA267) ftsZ84 *F39L, zapA::kan This study
ftsZ84*M206I, zapA (HA245) ftsZ84 *M206I, zapA::kan This study
ftsZ84*V293I, zapA (HA251) ftsZ84*V293I, zapA::kan This study
HA255 MG1655, pKG110-zapA This study
HA257 ftsZ84, pKG110-zapA This study
CW206 MG1655, pQE80-H6-zapA This study
HA364 ftsZ84, pQE80-H6-zapA This study
Plasmid/Strain harboring plasmid Genotype Reference
pPJ2 (PL3142) pET21b(+)-ftsZ Buske and Levin, 2012
HA146 pET21b(+)-ftsZ84 This study
HA149 pET21b(+) -ftsZ84 *F39L This study
HA147 pET21b(+)-ftsZ84 *M206I This study
HA142 pET21b(+)-ftsZ84*V293I This study
HA165 pET21b(+)-ftsZ *F39L This study
HA157 pET21b(+)-ftsZ *M206I This study
HA166 pET21b(+)-ftsZ*V293I This study
PL3463 pBAD24-ftsW This study
HA255 pKG110-zapA Haeusser et al., 2014
HA364 pQE80-H6-zapA Dajkovic et al., 2001