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Table 1 List of the 10 sampling sites, their location, land use and suspected sources of faecal contamination impacting each site

From: Occurrence of virulence gene signatures associated with diarrhoeagenic and non-diarrhoeagenic pathovars of Escherichia coli isolates from some selected rivers in South-Western Nigeria

Site code Location Land use Suspected sources of faecal pollution
R1 Erinle-Ede Peri-urban Tourists, coastal birds, cattle, run offs
R2 Ido Osun Pasture Fisher men, cattle, wild animals, run offs
R3 Osun-Osogbo Urban Farmers, tourists, wild animals, run offs
R4 Oba-Iwo Peri-urban Farmers, coastal birds, wild animals, run offs
R5 Ejigbo Rural Farmers and wild animals
R6 Ilobu-Okinni Rural Dilutions from vehicle washing centers, swimmers, animal inputs, run offs
R7 Asejire-Ikire Peri-urban Pollution by a bottling company, fisher men, coastal birds, wild animals
R8 Ishasha Rural Fisher men, dilutions from palm oil processing, swimmers, wild animals, run offs
R9 Ila-Oke Ila Rural Fisher men, farmers, cattle, wild animals
R10 Otin-Okuku Pasture Fisher men, farmers, cattle, wild animals, run offs