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Table 1 V. harveyi strains used in this study

From: Effect of the synthetic cannabinoid HU-210 on quorum sensing and on the production of quorum sensing-mediated virulence factors by Vibrio harveyi

V. harveyi strain Relative genotype Relative phenotype
BB120 Wild type AI-1+, AI-2+; sensor-1+, sensor-2+
BB152 (BB7 or BB120) luxLM::Tn5 AI-1, AI-2+; sensor-1+, sensor-2+
MM30 (BB120) luxS::Tn5 AI-1+, AI-2; sensor-1+, sensor-2+
MM77 luxLM::Tn5, luxS::Tn5 AI-1, AI-2; sensor-1+, sensor-2+
BB170 luxN::Tn5 AI-1+, AI-2+; sensor-1, sensor-2+