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Table 1 Comparison of putative chaperone binding domains between Chlamydiaceae family members and other T3SS containing Gram-negative bacteria

From: Chlamydia Outer Protein (Cop) B from Chlamydia pneumoniae possesses characteristic features of a type III secretion (T3S) translocator protein

  P1   P3    P6 Percent identity
CopB (C. pneumoniae) P E L P K P 100 %
CT578 (C. trachomatis serovar D) P G L P K P 52 %
SseC like family protein (C. psittaci) P D L P K P 53 %
TC_0867 (C. muridarum) P G L P K P 50 %
CPE1_0913 (C. pecorum) P E L T P P 53 %
CAB923 (C. abortus S26/3) P D L P K P 54 %
PopB (Y. enterocolitica) P A L G R P 18 %
IpaB (S. dyseteriae) P E L K A P 17 %
  1. Putative chaperone binding domains were identified within the N-terminal regions of orthologous proteins to CopB from C. pneumoniae. P1, P3, P6, represent positions 1, 3, and 6, respectively of the PxLxxP motif. Percent identity refers to amino acid sequence identity comparing full length CopB to full length sequences of orthologous proteins