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Fig. 4

From: Portability of the thiolation domain in recombinant pyoverdine non-ribosomal peptide synthetases

Fig. 4

Mass spectra obtained from the supernatant of each of the C-A and T-C-A domain substitution strains. A product of m/z 991.5 was detected for CA-Ser1 and TCA-Ser1, which is consistent with the truncated pyoverdine species known to be produced by CA-Ser-1 [12]. The strains CA-Ser2/TCA-Ser2 and CA-fhOrn/TCA-fhOrn were found to produce products of m/z 1319.6 and 1390.6, respectively. These products were consistent with pyoverdine containing a terminal serine residue and a terminal N5-formyl-N5-hydroxyornithine residue, respectively

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