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Table 1 Physicochemical parameters and sample site descriptions

From: Antimicrobial activities of actinomycetes isolated from unexplored regions of Sundarbans mangrove ecosystem

Sampling site information Gadkhali (Station A) Bonnie camp (Station B) Kalash (Station C)
Latitude (N) 22°06′32.57″ 21°51′05.823″ 22°00′25.599″
Longitude (E) 88°46′22.22″ 88°38′27.021″ 88°42′13.948″
Site description Under high anthropogenic pressure, i.e., oil leakage, agricultural wastes, commercial market Isolated island with several small creeks and Inhabited by broad range of mangroves Located near to the preserved area, under nearly pristine condition
Total isolated actinomycetes Twenty five Twenty three Six
Actinomycetes having broad spectrum antimicrobial activity Two Six One
(SMS_B,SMS_9) (SMS_5,SMS_10,SMS_13, SMS_SU13,SMS_SU21,SMS_SU23) (SMS_7)
Physicochemical parameters
pH 7.2 7.9 7.7
Salinity (PSU) 14-16 20-22 27-29
Temperature (°C) 31.3 30.5 30.8
Total organic carbon (TOC) (%) 3.56 3.04 3.29
Total nitrogen (N) (%) 1.25 1.8 2.3
C/N ratio 2.8:1 1.6:1 1.4:1
  1. PSU practical salinity unit