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Fig. 3

From: Fratricide activity of MafB protein of N. meningitidis strain B16B6

Fig. 3

Genetic organization of the MGI of strain B16B6. B16B6 contains three MGIs. The genetic composition of each island and their flanking regions (indicated by solid green arrows) are in accordance with those observed in other genomes (Fig. 1); therefore, the same classification is applied. The different genomic features of each island are illustrated as indicated in the legend to Fig. 1. Color coding of genes is also similar as in Fig. 1. The organization of the MGI of strain B16B6 is compared with those of FAM18, which is of the same clonal complex cc11; similarities are indicated with grey shadowing as in Fig. 1. MGI-3 of FAM18 is similar to that of B16B6 and is therefore not depicted. DNA fragments targeted by PCR for the generation of knockout constructs are indicated by lines and numbered a-h; the corresponding primers are presented in Additional file 1: Table S1

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