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Fig. 2

From: Broad protection with an inactivated vaccine against primary-isolated lethal enterovirus 71 infection in newborn mice

Fig. 2

Circulating CC063, CC077, CC080, and FY0805 resulted in dose-related disease and mortality. One-day-old ICR mice (n = 8 ~ 10 per litter) were intracerebrally challenged with 10-fold serial dosages of viruses. a EV-A71CC063 challenged with 103.5 CCID50/ml to 107.5 CCID50/ml. b EV-A71CC077 challenged with 104.5 CCID50/ml to 107.5 CCID50/ml. c EV-A71CC080 challenged with 103.5 CCID50/ml to 106.5 CCID50/ml. d FY0805 challenged with 103.5 CCID50/ml to 107.5 CCID50/ml. Control animals were given medium instead of virus. Mortality and clinical symptoms were monitored and recorded daily for 21 days after infection. One representative from three independent tests is shown. The LD50 values are 105.0 CCID50/ml, 107.0 CCID50/ml, 105.5 CCID50/ml, and 105.5 CCID50/ml, respectively

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