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Table 1 Vibrio anguillarum isolates and strains used in this study

From: Larva of the greater wax moth, Galleria mellonella, is a suitable alternative host for studying virulence of fish pathogenic Vibrio anguillarum

Isolate/straina Genotype Culture mediumb Reference
DM16 NB10 derivative carrying an in-frame 3’-end deletion in flaA TSB/TSA + 1.5%NaCl [27]
JR1 STRr, CHLr M93Sm derivative carrying an inactivating insertion in vah1 LB agar/broth + 1%NaCl [28]
KD12 NB10 derivative carrying an in-frame 5’-end deletion in flaD TSB/TSA + 1.5%NaCl [29]
KD27 NB10 derivative carrying an in-frame 5’-end deletion in flaE TSB/TSA + 1.5%NaCl [29]
M93Sm Plasmid deficient; spontaneous STRr mutant of wild type M93 isolated from Plecoglossus altivelis LB agar/broth + 1%NaCl [41]
NB10 Wild type TSB/TSA + 1.5%NaCl [42]
NB10 cured NB10 cured of pJM1 virulence plasmid TSB/TSA + 1.5%NaCl [32]
NB12 CHLr NB10 derivative carrying a inactivating insertion in empA TSB/TSA + 1.5%NaCl [30]
S123 STRr, CHLr M93Sm derivative carrying a inactivating insertion in rtxA LB agar/broth + 1%NaCl [7]
S183 STRr, CHLr, KANr M93Sm derivative double mutant carrying an inactivating insertions in rtxA and in-frame deletion in vah1 LB agar/broth + 1%NaCl [7]
Vib1 (= 6018/1 = ATCC 43305) Wild type TSB/TSA + 1.5%NaCl [21]
Vib39 (= 178/90) Wild type TSB/TSA + 1.5%NaCl [21]
Vib44 (= 261/91) Wild type TSB/TSA + 1.5%NaCl [21]
Vib56 (= 601/91) Wild type TSB/TSA + 1.5%NaCl [21]
Vib64 (= A023) Wild type TSB/TSA + 1.5%NaCl [21]
Vib79 (= LMG 12101) Wild type TSB/TSA + 1.5%NaCl [21]
Vib85 (= 87-9-117) Wild type TSB/TSA + 1.5%NaCl [21]
Vib87 (= T265) Wild type TSB/TSA + 1.5%NaCl [21]
Vib88 (= 51/82/2) Wild type TSB/TSA + 1.5%NaCl [21]
Vib93 (= 850610-1/6a) Wild type TSB/TSA + 1.5%NaCl [21]
Vib134 (= 91-8-178) Wild type TSB/TSA + 1.5%NaCl [21]
  1. TSA, tryptone soya agar; TSB, tryptone soya broth; CHLr, chloramphicol-resistant; KANr, kanamycin-resistant; STRr, streptomycin-resistant
  2. aStrain numbers in brackets refer to the nomenclature used by Pedersen et al. [25]
  3. bCHL, KAN and STR were added to the medium at the concentrations described in the Materials and Methods for reviving cryopreserved bacteria and preparing inocula for injection