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Table 5 Genes differentially expressed in either glucose or acetate minimal medium cultures of C. glutamicum WT after a shift from Pi-sufficient to Pi-limiting conditions

From: Regulation of the pstSCAB operon in Corynebacterium glutamicum by the regulator of acetate metabolism RamB

Gene identifier Annotationa Relative mRNA levelb glucose/acetate
cg2560 aceA, isocitrate lyase 0.01
cg2559 aceB, malate synthase 0.05
cg3169 pck, phosphoenolpyruvate carboxykinase 0.22
cg3048 pta, phosphoacetyltransferase 0.27
cg2887 phoR, phosphate response regulator 0.33
cg1737 acn, aconitase 0.34
cg0949 gltA, citrate synthase 0.46
cg2406 ctaE, cytochrome aa 3 oxidase, subunit 0.47
cg2888 phoS, phosphate sensor kinase 0.47
cg2843 pstB, Pi ABC transporter, ATPase 2.0
cg1569 ugpE, glycerol 3-phosphate ABC transporter, permease 2.1
cg1224 phnB1, PhnB-like protein 2.3
cg0397 ushA, UDP sugar hydrolase/5’-nucleotidase 2.4
cg0444 ramB, regulator of acetate metabolism B 3.5
cg1647 psiB, putative alkaline phosphatase 4.2
cg3393 phoC, putative secreted phosphoesterase 4.3
cg0085 phoH1, ATPase 5.2
cg1650 pctC, ABC transporter, permease 5.2
cg2868 nucH, putative nuclease 5.4
cg0812 accD1, acetyl-CoA carboxylase subunit 11.3
cg1568 ugpA, glycerol 3-phosphate ABC transporter, permease 31.2
  1. aGene identifiers and annotations are given according to BX927147
  2. bThe mRNA levels were derived from two independent cultivations