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Fig. 1

From: Eukaryotic translation elongation factor-1 alpha is associated with a specific subset of mRNAs in Trypanosoma cruzi

Fig. 1

Scheme of the EF-1α protein from T. cruzi. (a) The domains are indicated; the GTP-binding domain is dark grey, the second domain is black and the third domain is light grey. The numbers indicate the positions of the domains within the protein. (b) Western-blot analysis of T. cruzi extracts with antisera against EF-1α and actin. Epi: exponentially growing normal epimastigotes. Stress: epimastigotes under nutritional stress. Ad 24 h: epimastigotes adhered to the substrate. Meta: metacyclic trypomastigotes. Ten μg of protein was loaded into each lane. Top panel: anti-EF-1α antibody signal (1:300). Bottom panel: anti-β-actin used for normalization (1:500). The relative densities of the bands (RD) are indicated. The molecular mass standards are indicated (kDa)

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