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Table 1 Plasmids and strains used in the study

From: A Pseudomonas fluorescens type 6 secretion system is related to mucoidy, motility and bacterial competition

Strains or plasmids Relevant characteristics Reference/source
P. fluorescens   
MFE01 Air isolate, RifR [31]
MFE01∆hcp2 MFE01 with early stop codon in hcp2 [31]
MFE01∆hcp1 MFE01 with hcp1 disruption This study
MFE01∆hcp1 + hcp1 MFE01∆hcp1 with pPSV35 carrying the wild-type hcp1 gene This study
MFE01∆hcp1hcp2 MFE01 with hcp1 and hcp2 mutations This study
MFE01∆tssC MFE01 with tssC disruption This study
MFN1032 Clinical strain [33]
MFP05 Skin isolate [32]
Pf-5 Plant isolate [34]
MFE07 Air isolate This study
Escherichia coli   
DH5αmcr General cloning strain LMSM collection
S17.1 RP4-2-Tc::Mu, aph::Tn7, recA, SmR, donor strain for conjugation [48]
pPSV35 P. aeruginosa oriV, lacIq mob+, PlacUV5, pUC18 MCS, expression vector, GmR [49]
pSMC21-gfp Replicative plasmid, KmR, gfp [46]
pME3087 Suicide plasmid, TcR [47]
pUC19 Replicative plasmid, lacZ, ApR Invitrogen®