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Table 2 Pairwise comparisons (ANOSIM) of the structure of bacterial communities on microplastics and within sediments over time

From: Rapid bacterial colonization of low-density polyethylene microplastics in coastal sediment microcosms

  LDPE-microplastics Sediment
Exposure time 2 days 4 days 7 days Immediate 4 days 7 days
4 days 0.10 a    0.08 (NS)   
7 days 0.46 a 0.07 (NS)   0.12 (NS) 0.09 (NS)  
14 days 0.67 a 0.38 a 0.01 (NS) 0.12 (NS) 0.00 (NS) 0.03 (NS)
  1. ap < 0.001 NS = not significant.
  2. Global one-way ANOSIM R values for the factor `exposure time' are derived from T-RFLP datasets generated following PCR amplification of bacterial 16S rRNA genes amplified from DNA isolated from sediment-LDPE microcosms from three sampling sites (SP1, SP2 and WB). Values are shown only for sampling intervals for which data were available for all three sites.