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Table 5 Plasmids used in this study

From: Clostridium difficilehas a single sortase, SrtB, that can be inhibited by small-molecule inhibitors

Plasmid Description Reference
pQE30Xa- srtB Codon optimized srtB, synthesized and cloned in pQE30xa Obtained from Celtek Bioscience, LLC
pET28a Commercial protein expression vector Provided by Neil Fairweather
pET28a- srtB Codon optimized srtB cloned in pET28a This work
pET28a- srtB ΔN26 srtB with residues 2-25 replaced with a six-histidine tag This work
pET28a- srtB ΔN26,C209A Same as above, with C209A substitution This work