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Table 2 FRET peptide details

From: Clostridium difficilehas a single sortase, SrtB, that can be inhibited by small-molecule inhibitors

Peptide sequence* Description
d-IHSPSTGGG-e Based on CD0183 sequence
d-IHGSSTPGG-e Control for above peptide
d-SDSPKTGGG-e Based on CD0386, CD3392 sequence
d-SDGSKTPGG-e Control for above peptide
d-IHSPQTGGG-e Based on CD2768 sequence
d-IHGSQTPGG-e Control for above peptide
d-PVPPKTGGG-e Based on CD2831 sequence
d-PVGPKTPGG-e Control for above peptide
d-GQNVQTGGG-e Based on CbpA sequence
d-QALPETGGG-e SaSrtA peptide
d-NPQTN-e SaSrtB peptide
d-IHSPSTGKT-e Based on CD0183 sequence
d-SDSPKTGDN-e Based on CD0386 sequence
d-IHSPQTGDV-e Based on CD2768 sequence
d-PVPPKTGDS-e Based on CD2831 sequence
  1. *Where d is Dabcyl (4-([4-(dimethylamino)phenyl]azo)-benzoyl) and e is Edans (5-((2-Aminoethyl)amino)naphthalene-1-sulfonic acid).