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Table 4 Plasmids used in this work

From: Elevated recombinant clyA gene expression in the uropathogenic Escherichia coli strain 536, a clue to explain pathoadaptive mutations in a subset of extraintestinal E. coli strains

Plasmid Relevant characteristics Reference/source
pBR322 Cloning vector, Tcr [55]
pGEM-T Easy T-vector for cloning of PCR-fragments, Cbr Promega
pJON77 3.1-kb subclone of clyA in pSL1180, Cbr This work
pJON78 3.1-kb subclone of clyA in pKO3, Cmr This work
pJON176 clyA + kan in pJON78, Cmr Kmr This work
pKO3 Gene replacement vector, Cmr [56]
pMWK4 clyA::luxAB in pCH257, Cmr [8]
pAES1 pBR322, sfaX II gene from sfa II operon [41]
pHMG95 pBR322, lacP(UV5)papI + clone [57]
pSL1180 Cloning vector, Cbr [58]
pUC4K Kanamycin resistance gene cartridge plasmid, Kanr [59]
pUC18 Cloning vector, Cbr [60]
pYMZ81 A 1.6-kb clyA locus in pUC18 [8]
pYMZ62 3.5-kb subclone of clyA in pUC18 [8]