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Table 1 Comparison of the nine hpi , amb and wel biosynthetic gene clusters

From: Comparative analysis of hapalindole, ambiguine and welwitindolinone gene clusters and reconstitution of indole-isonitrile biosynthesis from cyanobacteria

Name of organism Length of gene cluster (kb): Number of genes: Name of gene cluster: Reference:
Fischerella sp. ATCC 43239 40.2 30 hpi This study
Fischerella sp. PCC 9339 44.9 35 hpi This study
Fischerella ambigua UTEX 1903 42 32 amb [7]
Fischerella ambigua UTEX 1903 50.7 37 amb This study
Hapalosiphon welwitschii UTEX B1830 36 30 wel [8]
Westiella intricata UH strain HT-29-1 59.3 47 wel This study
Hapalosiphon welwitschii UH strain IC-52-3 55.8 45 wel This study
Fischerella sp. PCC 9431* 57.1 45 wel This study
Fischerella muscicola SAG 1427-1 25.1 20 wel This study
  1. *The exact length of this gene cluster was unable to be determined due to sequencing gaps in two genes located at the 5’ end of the gene cluster.