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Figure 4

From: Complete nucleotide sequence of pRS218, a large virulence plasmid, that augments pathogenic potential of meningitis-associated Escherichia coli strain RS218

Figure 4

Confirmation of pRS218 curing. A, Plasmid profiles of wtRS218 and RS218cured. B, PCR amplification of selected pRS218 genes in wtRS218 and RS218cured. Lane 1,100 bp ladder; Lane 2, senB; Lane 3, scsD; Lane 4, transposase; Lane 5, traU; Lane 6, pRS218_113; Lane 7, ycfA; Lane 8, ompA. C, Growth of wtRS218 and RS218cured E. coli in LB broth, M9 medium containing 10μgg/ml niacin broth (M9), and complete cell culture medium (CM).

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