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Figure 2

From: Cervical cancer isolate PT3, super-permissive for adeno-associated virus replication, over-expresses DNA polymerase δ, PCNA, RFC and RPA

Figure 2

Real-time quantitative PCR analysis of differentially expressed transcripts in NK, PT1 (upward diagonal bars) and PT3 (open bars). Data are expressed relative to ACTB (2A) and GAPDH (2B) mRNA and (*) presented p < 0.05. Fold-expression changes were calculated using the equation 2-ΔΔCT [5]. Error bars for each column in the plot provided that the associated expression level was calculated from 3 replicates. The error bars display the calculated maximum (RQMax) and minimum (RQMin) expression levels that represent standard error of the mean expression level (RQ value). Collectively, the upper and lower limits defined the region of expression within which the true expression level value was likely to occur. The error bars was based on the RQMin/Max confidence level. The number associated with each bar indicates the linear fold-change of mRNA expression in PT1 and PT3 relative to NK for comparison.

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