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Table 3 Phenotyping of E. coli blood isolates.

From: Synergy between type 1 fimbriae expression and C3 opsonisation increases internalisation of E. coli by human tubular epithelial cells

Strains Internalisation rate (NHS/HIS) Type 1- fimbriae P- fimbriae CNF1 Serum resistance α-Haemolysin
J96 25 P P P P P
B1 6.3 P P P P P
B2 33 P P P P P
B3 19 P N N P N
B4 3.5 P P P P P
B5 3.3 P P N P P
B6 3.0 N P N P P
B7 1.2 N P N P P
B8 1.5 N P N P N
B9 2 N P N P N
B10 1.2 N P N P N
B11 0.7 N N P P P
B12 1.3 N N N P P
B13 1 N N N P N
B14 0.5 N N N P N
B15 2.2 N N N P N
  1. In 15 blood isolates, bacterial virulence factors (including type-1, P fimbriae, CNF1, serum resistance, and α-Haemolysin) were examined to determine their correlation to C3-dependent internalisation (P positive, N negative). All experiments were repeated at least three times.