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Figure 4

From: L. plantarum prevents Enteroinvasive Escherichia coli-induced tight junction proteins changes in intestinal epithelial cells

Figure 4

L. plantarum prevents EIEC-induced expression of Claudin-1, Occludin, JAM-1 and ZO-1 proteins. (a) Western blotting analysis of Claudin, Occludin, JAM-1 and ZO-1 proteins. EIEC infection triggered a marked dissociation of the interactions between TJ proteins. Expression was analysed in membrane fractions by immunoblotting and subsequent densitometry. (b) The statistical evaluation of densitometric data represented protein expression of the three separate experiments (in percentage of all controls on the same blot). (□) control group, () EIEC group, () L. plantarum group. * vs control group, P < 0.05. ** vs EIEC group, P < 0.05. One-way ANOVA was performed with Tukey Kramer post-hoc comparison. Values were calculated by Student's t-test. All data are given as means (SE).

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