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Figure 5

From: Suppression of RNA interference increases alphavirus replication and virus-associated mortality in Aedes aegypti mosquitoes

Figure 5

Growth of TE/3'2J, TE/3'2J/GFP, and TE/3'2J/B2 viruses in invertebrate and vertebrate cells. A) Triplicate flasks containing cell monolayers of Aag2 cells (A, top panel) and Vero cells (A, bottom panel) were infected at MOI = 0.01. Titers were determined by plaque formation on Vero cells. Black circles = TE/3'2J, Black squares = TE/3'2J/GFP, Black triangles = TE/3'2J/B2. B) Cytopathic effect of TE/3'2J, TE/3'2J/GFP, and TE/3'2J/B2 on Aag2 cells at 72 hrs post infection (MOI = 0.01).

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