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Table 2 Primer sequences and annealing temperatures (Real Time PCR)

From: Inducible expression of beta defensins by human respiratory epithelial cells exposed to Aspergillus fumigatusorganisms

Primers Sequences Conditions
hBD2f hBD2r 5'-tatctcctcttctcgttcctcttc-3' 5'-ccacaggtgccaatttgtttatac-3' 40 cycles, 55°C, 2.5% DMSO
hBD9f hBD9r 5'-ggcctaaatccaggtgtgaa-3' 5'-tcaaatgttggcaagtggag-3' 40 cycles, 55°C
GAPDHf GAPDHr 5'-acccactcctccacctttgac-3' 5'-tccaccaccctgttgctgtag-3' 40 cycles, 55°C